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The women\'s version of the ADJAMA, with fit and comfort characteristics specifically designed for a woman\'s physique.


\"WomenThe shape of the waist belt is designed to fit a woman\'s waist and lower back. The                rise has been increased. The waist-to-leg loop-size ratio has been reduced.

\"Load Frame Construction with breathable monofilament mesh evenly distributes                pressure, providing maximum support and comfort.

               Adjustable leg loops allow size to be adjusted depending on comfort desired or                 layers of clothing worn and permit the harness to be put on when wearing skis or                crampons.

\"DoubleBack DoubleBack buckles are pre-threaded and adjust quickly with a single pull, helping                to ensure proper closure.

\"Green Green belay loop helps users identify proper tie-in / attachment point.

\"Reinforced Reinforced tie-in points for increased durability in this high-wear area.

\"Gear Rigid, inclined front gear loops for easy access to gear; flexible rear loops stay out of the way while wearing a pack.

\"Trail Trail line loop.

Two CARITOOL slots.

Detachable elastic leg loop straps.


CE, EN 12277 type C, UIAA 105.
Made in France.
3-year guarantee.

Technical specifications

Color : light blue.
- High-strength polyester webbing.
- Polyethylene/EVA foam.
- Perforated closed cell foam.
- Woven polyester 3D mesh.
- High-strength mono-filament nylon mesh.

Ҥ : 3950 ҷ
Ҫԡ : 3950 ҷ


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